Grass Type

Grass Type Moves - Against These Types of Pokémon
Super Effective (x1.60)
Not Very Effective (x0.62)
This Type of Moves Against These Types of Pokémon How Effective?
Grass WaterRockGroundSuper Effective (x1.60)
FireSteelBugGrassDragonPoisonFlyingNot Very Effective (x0.62)
Moves of These Types - Against Grass Type of Pokémon
Not Very Effective (x0.62)
Super Effective (x1.60)
Moves of These Types Against This Type of Pokémon How Effective?
GroundElectricGrassWater Grass Not Very Effective (x0.62)
BugPoisonIceFlyingFire Super Effective (x1.60)
Grass Type Pokémon
Fast Move Type Damage DPS
Fast Moves
Razor Leaf Grass 13 13
Vine Whip Grass 7 11.7
Bullet Seed Grass 8 7.3
Special Move Type Damage DPS
Special Moves
Petal Blizzard Grass 110 42.3
Frenzy Plant Grass 100 38.5
Solar Beam Grass 180 36.7
Grass Knot Grass 90 34.6
Power Whip Grass 90 34.6
Leaf Blade Grass 70 29.2
Seed Bomb Grass 55 26.2
Energy Ball Grass 90 23.1
Leaf Tornado Grass 45 14.5
Giga Drain Grass 50 12.8
Mega Drain Grass 25 9.6