XP Gain

Trainers need to gain XP points to level up. XP points can be gained with the actions listed below.

Category Action XP
Poké Ball Curveball 10
"Nice!" Shot 10
"Great!" Shot 50
"Excellent!" Shot 100
Catching & Evolving Catch a Pokémon 100
Catch 100th of a Pokémon Species 100
Register a New Pokémon to Pokédex 500
Evolve a Pokémon 500
Egg Hatch a 2 KM Egg 200
Hatch a 5 KM Egg 500
Hatch a 10 KM Egg 1000
PokéStop Visit a PokéStop 50
Visit a PokéStop (and drop more than 6 items) 100
GYM Beat One Pokémon at a Friendly Gym (The XP lowers when using a stronger Pokémon than the opponent.) 0-50
Beat All Pokémon at an Enemy GYM 50
Beat One Pokémon at an Enemy GYM 100